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Helping you live the life you want
Financial planning is an integral part of everyday life. We do it almost unconsciously, from balancing the household budget to putting money aside for a holiday. Financial planning for the longer term, such as for a retirement or a house move, is not so different. However, the timescales are longer and the transactions larger – both of which increase the risks.
The net result is that financial planning for the longer term requires extensive research, more detailed planning and the discipline to implement the plan.

And that is where we come in. Financial markets are complex and they never stand still. Solutions that once served you well can be quickly superseded by better options. It pays to take professional advice.

Our business is to help you make sound financial decisions and keep you on track – so that you can live the life you want to live.

Qualified to do the job
If you have a legal issue you consult a qualified solicitor. If you need help with a financial matter we think you should consult us because our expert advisers are all extremely well qualified. You might expect us to say that, but what does it actually mean for you?

Our Company
The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has awarded the prestigious “Chartered Financial Planners” title to Chadney Bulgin.
The CII is the world’s leading organisation for insurance and financial services and only allow this title to be used by firms that meet the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge and capability. To maintain our status we must commit and adhere to the CII’s Code of Ethics.

Our team
If you speak to one of our expert advisers they will be well qualified to help you. In addition to qualification for financial planning they have specialisations in subjects such as tax planning and wealth management. Take a scan through the team profiles and you will see that we take professional development seriously. Everyone on our team is supported and encouraged to develop their skills through a structured programme of personal professional development.

Whatever your financial requirements, you can be confident that our team have the knowledge and ability to help you.