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The Perspective Group had its beginnings in 2003, when Steve was driving home with his wife after hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Having just finished reading Good to Great, Steve realized that he needed to take a leap from the corporate world to venture out and follow his unique vision.

The mission. Steve set out to create a holistic financial services practice that listened better, cared more, and worked more effectively than the current options he had heard discussed by family and friends. With focus, determination, and unwavering faith in what was to come, Steve founded The Perspective Group — a firm dedicated to bringing a sound and creative perspective to investing and advising.

In 2013 Garrett joined the firm, after working for several years in corporate America. Garrett has a tenacious focus on uncovering value and uses his business savvy to recommend best-fit investment strategies for TPG clients. He has a subtle sense of humor and can engage virtually anyone in a thoroughly enjoyable conversation. Before their careers took them in different directions for several years, Garrett worked closely with Steve on a team tasked with their company’s successful retail concept from the US and adapting it for markets in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Through this, sometimes eye-opening experience, both learned firsthand what it takes to operate successfully in international markets.

Today The Perspective Group is a vibrant and growing business that is evolving by intentional design. The firm continues to delight the select group of clients who have welcomed The Perspective Group into their lives. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

Portfolio management
Our portfolio design process begins with our attentively listening to your investment preferences. We ask key questions to help us clearly identify these. Our goal is to create the most effective portfolio we can, based on your preferences and reflecting your values and situation.

Process. Our process follows a “buy and monitor” philosophy. We do not trade daily; rather, we trade as necessary. Markets, business cycles, individual companies, and your personal situation will change over time–and we stand ready to act proactively on your behalf.

Sustainability. The concept that is embedded in our values is reflected in our portfolios. We design portfolios that reflect both your desire and our desire for sustainability–sustainability with the resources and wealth you have, in the current world economy. Please visit with us more about how we connect the dots.

Financial planning
Benjamin Franklin believed that, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” And, while that might be a bit pessimistic, we restate his opinion this way: Investing in planning increases the odds that you will reach your goals.

After crafting a plan with you, we help you implement your plan. Then we update it as needed according to changes in your preferences or situation.

Business retirement plans
Business owners work with our firm to assist with plan design for retirement plans that help provide employees with a strong benefit and to minimize taxes. Through our independent platforms, we educate plan sponsors regarding potential plan design options.

Business strategy and transition planning
Many of our clients own small-to medium-sized businesses. Some clients may work with our firm primarily for business support. Others may seek our counsel for both personal and business matters;-and for some, the line distinguishing the two may often be absent.

We provide our business owners with these services:

Strategy and execution consulting
Succession planning
Transition planning
Tax planning and preparation
Recognizing that taxation can shrink what you or your heirs keep by as much as half,- we help you confront the 800-pound gorilla in the room. As many have said, “It’s not what you make–it’s what you keep” that matters. Whether we are designing a portfolio, creating a financial plan, or helping you plan the sale of a business, we integrate tax considerations into the equation.